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Rain Out has found its way onto baseball and softball fields across the country. More than 600 coaches, field superintendents and administrators all agree the 10 pound bucket has changed forever the way they maintain playing surfaces. Clients such as LSU, Miami, Michigan, Georgetown, Texas A&M, University of Central Florida, and St. John's, as well as the spring training facilities of the Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies, Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays and Minnesota Twins, use Rain Out. Many more will be coming on board in 2013.

Rain Out is a revolutionary, new product that works for all teams--from the pros to the pee wees. With an absorption ratio of 250 to 1, it is deemed an incredible, cost-saving product for high schools, youth leagues and municipalities. Rain out works 10 times faster using a mere fraction of the amount of any competitor's product.

Groundskeepers around the country are amazed that they no longer have to carry, dump and remove 150-200 pounds of product off their fields. They now have the ability to add just 8-10 ounces of product, which absorbs water and also enriches the infield soil like no other product. And did we mention that Rain Out is a green product?

While we would encourage you to watch the video, find out for yourself. Contact us to schedule your personal demonstration.

Rain Out is 10 times faster using a fraction of the product for a fraction of the price of competitors. The choice is yours.